Only I would fall!!

I spent a lovely night tues with my Husband in a hotel then onto Wimbledon on Wed. Having a fab an well deserved break and watched men's quarters on court 1. Once the games finished there we decided to go to Murray Mound relaxed and happy for the 1st time since diagnosis in feb when I took a step onto the grass and promptly slipped as it was so muddy and landed heavily on my bum and my left palm hit the floor trying to break the fall. I was humiliated to be covered head to toe in mud (it didn't look muddy till I stepped on it) and my hand started to swell immediately. I spent the next hour in first aid icing my hand and then saw no more tennis as had to leave and travel 20 mins on a bus to the car for clean clothes. They told me in the first aid that someone else had injured themselves slipping on the same spot an hour before and I asked them why it had not been sectioned off as unsafe. I think I'm going to contact them to complain as they haven't followed h&s to prevent this happening. I'm now in pain in my bruised hand and have swollen areas on my bum and ribs. It could only happen to me!

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Oh no poor you. at least your brave enough to publish your story on here lol. Hope you feel better soon x


poor you sue them xx or at least money off next years matches hope you feel better soon x


Thanks for your good wishes. My pain peaked yesterday with swollen hands and rib pain/ bruised stomach but I feel a lot better today. I am going to contact them as it did spoil my day. We've tried for 5 years to get tickets in the draw. Let's hope the pain and swelling is short lived!


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