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Has anyone had their lupus flare triggered by Nitol Sleep Aid, or Fennel tea?? They're the only two things I did different last week and now I'm in a right blinking mess! Usual flare breathless, legs hurt, can't even think about standing up to get the remote from the other chair!

Any ideas! Nitol is an anti-histamine but not sure if it causes problems with Lupies!!


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The only thing I'm looking at aT the mo is Titanium.......a metal used in lots of mess to whiten the tabs, also in some skimmed milks, cottage cheese, sun lotions etc. I think that is the problem with Hydroxy tabs which contain it , also Cetrezine antihistamine, which seem to be the cause of my very severe itching attacks. Not had one since a week after stopping the Hydroxy and Cetrezine. Would be interesting to know if it's in the Nytol, could you let me know? It is E171 if numbered. Banned in Germany!

Allergys seem to be all about trial and error as not all peeps react to the same things sadly, would be much easier if we did! Good luck.


A-Haaaaaa!! You've got it!! I purchased a teeth whitening kit and used it last week. Just looked at the ingredients and guess what it contains?? Titanium Dioxide! Its made in the USA. I didn''t even think about that. Thank you so much, even if this isn't the cause of my flare (bit of a coincidence though!) it's something I'll stay away from.

The active ingredient of Nytol is Diphenhydramine. Nonmedicinal is cornstarch, FD&C Blue No. 1 Aluminum Lake, lactose, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, and stearic acid. I think I'll get some prescription sleeping tabs from my Rhuemy.

I'm on Hydroxy too which was great to start off with but now I'm breathless all the time even when I'm not flaring. I was going to run it past my Rhuemy in a few weeks but worried she'll put me back on Azathioprine which I definatley don't want.

Thanks for your help, you're a star!



Using a teeth whitening product (known to cause teeth sensitivity) in addition to taking Prednisone (known to cause teeth sensitivity) is bad upon bad. Best to avoid.


Many pharmaceuticals (over the counter and prescription) are bonded with binders that can cause lupus patients problems.

As an example in Alison's post above of non-active ingredients in Nytol : if the patient is lactose intolerant ... Nytol would then be a no go.

The fennel tea itself should not cause a problem - anti-spasmotic anti-bacterial detoxing properties. Was it certified organic - without pesticides? If not, the fennel could have been chemically treated prior to drying for use as tea.

Always read labels. Know as best as is possible what you are putting into and onto your body.

Flare up triggers are not always possible to avoid. Sometimes no trigger is required as lupus does what it does.

You state you are breathless when NOT in flare up. Check that your BP is not too low - if low contact your doctor. If you are urinating more frequently than normal contact your doctor. Any other symptoms contact your doctor.

Definitely speak to your doctor about your breathlessness as it could be a number of issues. Best to be safe.

Inform the doctor of your resistance of taking Azathioprine and ask for better options. Honest communication with your doctor is the only way to gain the best solution for you.

I hope you feel better soon.


Thank you for your input, I'll check the labels more carefully.



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