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I have SLE and discord lupus of the skin as well as acute spinal problems but every now and again I have pain in my kidneys

like now and the past few days it feels a bit like period pain as if its dragging down? sorry don't know how else to explain it, I had a hysterectomy about 12 years ago so I know it's not that, Has anyone got any idea's what I can do to help myself? x

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ok well what i get from what u say is that u have something wrong with ur kidneys. i have kidney damage and at 1 point it got so bad that i had to go on dialysis for over a yr. the function of my kidney got better and i dont have to do it nemore, but i do have to take chemo n order to keep my lupus under control and from failing my kidneys rlly bad again. i would get that checked out bcuz thats how i found out about my kidney problems. my kidneys were hurting me rlly bad.


Hi Missamberyo, I thought I'd let you know you were right I do have a kidney and bladder infection, he has put me on Nitrofurantoin, just had first one I just hope I don't have a bad reaction to it as I can do.

Thank you again xx


Thank you Missamberyo, I will try and see my Dr on Wednesday when it opens again after the celebrations.



ur so welcome. i hope u find whats wrong. good luck gal


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