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esa forms

hi all hope all is well recieved my forms from the medical centre another book to fill in lol am going to the cab office to let them fill tem in for me my brain not working so dont feel i can do it myself wish peaple would have a more understanding of the day to day issues of having lupus instead of the fight we have to put up with i find this so stressful why cant they help us instead of being penilised for a illness they dont see soz for ranting just having a bad day feel i could sleep forever 2day and my joints are aching ty angie

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good luck with your forms, haven't got to that stage yet, dont worry about ranting, we all get these days, and at least on this site we all understad

feel better x


Please try not to stress. It took me a number of weeks to complete my form, but I got there in the end and you will too. All the best x


CAB should be a big help Also the user kulie13 on this site has some good advise re ESA in their blog/answers to questions etc - look at the past posts and under tag ESA for useful links.

Remember that form questions about what you can and can not do have to take into account wether you can do the "task" repeatedly and reliably so don't be affraid to say that "it varies" and you can not do things without pain, needing a rest, it causing flare up, can't do repeated etc, can not do on "bed ridden " days etc. For example it's acceptable to say you can not mobilize more than 200 meters if this applies more than 50% of the time , if doing so would worsen your fatigue, your pain, you could do it once but not repeatedly / again without substantial rest first etc

Good Luck


Hey,,i have just been awarded this and was really put off by the forms to start with,,i nearly did not bother!!I attended a medical three weeks ago and i heard yesterday that i am to continue to get this help and i have been put in the work related group,i would always say get the help you need to fill in the forms,,i also nearly did not bother,,glad i did now.

All the best to you Angieskye.


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