Pnuemonia reoccurrence?

I have recently been hospitalised with Pneumonia and I have SLE. After 5 days I was discharged with antibiotics. My course lasted about 10 days but I've noticed over the last couple of days with no antibiotics I have had increasing pain again and feel like I have heartburn constantly? Has anyone else experienced this? I tried to get a doctors appointment but none were available today or tomorrow! However as I felt so rotten I didn't really want to go out....I'm thinking I will have to demand an appointment tomorrow but if anyone can advise me on this it would be appreciated.



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  • hi snow

    yes the pain is normal with lupus but you will have pain free days. I was suffering from heartburn everyday, i went to docs n he put me on omeprazole (they help with it) for the rest of my life. Just dont feel alone we are all here for you and to help you through it :) :)

  • Thanks Karen, i will hopefully get a good sleep and be bit better tomorrow, keep well x

  • sleep well n take care

  • Hi

    I am so sorry to hear you are suffering. You must ask for an emergency appointment tomorrow, you have just come out of hospital and now still need help. If you cannot still get an appointment (not acceptable) I would suggest you go to A&E preferably back to the hospital you have just come out of. Alternatively could you ask to speak to your GP on the phone? I have also just finished a course of antibiotics, steroids back up to 40mg a day for a chest infection (causing out of control asthma) on top of SLE but have also like you had endless heartburn when they stopped. Again like you I am going to go back as I am still not right. I really hope you manage to speak to someone tomorrow. You are not alone. Take care and hope you feel better soon.x

  • Yes get an urgent appointment! I have been very ill with Lupus Pneumonitis and it took me 7 months to shake it. It's very important to make sure you're getting the right meds so that it doesn't come back again (mine started to go, came back, started to go etc) although the heartburn doesn't sound similar, you need to get checked out xxxx

  • Thanks everyone, had quite a bit of pain in the night so I think the Pnuemonia hasn't cleared up. Got an appointment this morning to get it sorted ASAP.


  • Feeling better today, prescribed more antibiotics by GP and they seem to be working. Still feverish though so going to be monitored again in one week.

    Thanks for all the advice, keep well all.


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