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Spitting up blood

I have SLE,Fibromyalgia,osteoarthritis & under active thyroid. I have been spitting up blood for about 3 years now and all my consultant says as long as I am not anaemic don't worry-let's address one thing at a time. At my worst when I am flaring (mildly but pretty constant) and I have fatigue that is when it is at the worst. (Most 8 mouthfuls) I wonder if anyone else with SLE gets the same? Many thanks! Loopy-Lou

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Where is the blood coming from? Are you coughing it up or is is coming from your gums?


Hi, No it is not from my gums..it is coming from inside me somewhere? I am waiting to see a new consultant (end April) as I am fed up with my current one. I cannot believe the consultant doesn't care about it. I have read it can happen with SLE, but I do not know anyone else with it. I don't cough as it comes up (but if I cough when I notice blood I can then cough more up) I first of all thought I may have TB...or something else...had a chest x-ray about a year ago...wasn't told anything was wrong at that point...Interested to see if anyone else has the same? Thank you for replying.


Hi, I don't know if this will help you or not but I had that about 5 years ago along with breathlessness and ended up spending 3 weeks in hospital. They found out that I had a pulmonary haemorrhage (bleeding into my lungs). Chest X-rays didn't show anything other than some slight shadowing and it was picked up by a ct scan and broncoscopy. They upped my steroids and put me on mmf and now it's pretty much under control.... well I only seem to flare every 2 1/2 - 3 years!!! It may be worth asking them to give you a ct scan to see if the can pin point the cause.

Good luck and I hope they find out the cause



I think you should go to your GP and insist on a referral to a chest specialist get this sorted quickly!


Hi lupie-Cathy

Thank you for replying. I agree...I just wish they would take it seriously. Does your consultant follow things up? Mine doesn't...this is why I have been re-referred to a dedicated lupus clinic now at my request. That appointment is in 3 weeks so will mention it. Thank you!


Hi Wendy

Thank you for this. Sorry to hear what you went through. My GP knows about it too. I feel as if the consultant/GP think it is normal-it is not pleasant as you well know. I have just moved and am about to register with a new GP. I will ask for a referral. I think they need to repeat my chest x-ray too. Thank you for this.


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