I was referred by Boots the optician and went for 1st consultation today and I am having one of my catarracts removed in the next 12 weeks. Cannot believe it, as another optician somewhere else diagnosed about 3 years ago and didnt do anything about it and over the last year, my eyes have got worse, that bad that I don't enjoy reading books etc. Everything a blur. Told it was to do with the medication which taken for years. Hopefully will be able to read the newspaper properly soon.

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catarracts have to be at the righ degree of badness for the opreation to be most sucessful according to my mums opthamologist as he wont operate on her yet. and steroid increse the risk of catarracts.


My optician said I had the beginnings of one a couple of years ago but wont need treatment for many years...I'm 65....seems they dont operate until its absolutely necessary

My mum, who died aged 92 just before xmas 2010, flatly refused surgery for hers in one eye and she gave up reading altogether eventually, so stubborn, nothing we did or said could change her mind..Good luck with it Daisy hope it makes a big difference for you :)


Hi DAisy

I got one of my cataracts removed and the results were miraculous and i can see brilliantly.

Like you, the catarts were spotted a couple of years before they deteriorated and them i was seen very quickly.

good luck.


Are cataracts linked to Lupus?


I don't know of a link to lupus, but steroids, particularly if used at high doses, over a long period increase the risk of developing cataracts at an earlier age than other people not on such drugs.


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