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Lower back ache

I was diagnosed with lupus recently and I wondered if anyone here has a lower back ache. I had a baby 10 months ago and since then I've been in pain every day with it. It was horrendous pain every time of the month for the first 4 months after. It had got better but I still have pain every day to varying degrees. Does anyone know what it could be and even tho my doctors know I've not gone on and on about it and they haven't mentioned it at all.

Thanks for any help and love and light to you all x

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HI, Have you been for an MRI on your back? It can rule out if you have a slipped disc or if it is muscle related. Also if you suffer from ovarian cysts this can cause back pains- as I have that problem and get terrible back pains from them. Hope this will help!


Thanks Tonyam868

I haven't had an MRI but I told my doctor at my 6 week check after having my baby and then went back after 12weeks and they took some extra swabs n samples at my smear test and then I heard nothing. In February I saw a rhumatologist who confirmed my lupus and took more blood tests and prescribed hydroxychloroquine and then they sent me a letter telling me I'm very deficient in vitamin D with a prescription for 50,000 out of vitamin D and told my next apt is 21 June. I'm still at the 'can't believe it' stage really and I do t mind admitting I'm struggling a bit and feel very very lonely with just me n my baby home all day. I don't live near my mum n family and my partners family are working and don't really understand what this is. I know things will get better tho, and thank you for your reply :) x


Hi, I to suffered from backache towards the end of last year, but |I new that I hadn't done anything to cause the pain. I was then diagnosed with Vit D def and when I received the leaflet with the tablets, it mentioned back pain as a symptom of Vit C def. Might be worth bearing in mind. I have just had another set of blood tests to see if the Vit D has improved at all (haven't got the results back) but my back hasn't been aching (touch wood!!). I did mention this at the hospital on my last visit and they did say that it is very rare for lupus to cause back pain. Chrissy xx


Thanks chrissyB that sounds just like me, I hope it is that cos at least it will go away if that's the case. I've only had one of my 8 tablets and can't wait till Friday to take the next one. I thought they might make me feel a bit sick but they don't at all. Fingers crossed your results come back all good :) x


Hi moontreegoddess im also very new to being diagnosed with lupus when i was told i went home and cried all night long i also felt very lonely and scared, thinking of seeing a counselor because i cannot seem to get lupus out of my head. it does seem to take over your life as you are reminded of it everyday.i also have been given hydrox tabs which can take a very long time to work (if they do)and then my next appointment is three months away aswell which does feel like a long time ,so you feel like you have just been left to deal with it.

im hear for a chat anytime because i understand.xxxxx

(your baby looks beautiful)


Hi Pinky

I have cried buckets since finding out and I know what you mean about it taking over your life. Now I know whats causing all my aches and pains and all the other stuff rash, hair loss and extreme fatigue, it's seems all I can think about is lupus. I was just putting it down to having had my 5th baby. I'm not one for going to the docs for anything so it's my partner who makes me go when he's worried. I have found the Internet a great help but it's also scared me massively at times and given me panic attacks worrying about things. This site is the best I've found along with The Lupus Site. Yesterday was a bit of a poo day after Monday being brilliant, determind today will be good as my 17 year old son finishes collage half day today do he's coming food shopping with me (how exciting lol). We should keep in touch for morale support. Hope you have a happy day today :) x


hi moontreegoddess

i woke up and said to myself no tears today i just refuse to think about lupus today, but then i went for a good walk with my mum and dog forgot to apply suncream as its quite warm here and when i got home my face was on fire really red sore rash looked horrible and cried.thankfully after a while the redness has improved but its still sore and this is the first time i have really shown any kind of serious rash on my face and pray that i don t end up getting it really horrendous like some people do.

once again i looked up face rash on web and saw pictures of rash on face and have frightend myself to death. oh i do hope this desease does not consume me and after time i will be able to have a normal life.

i lost 4lb last week due to stress and fear, i have had no appertite since ive been told and my daughter is worried about me which makes me feel guilty she know what i have because she asked and i thought at 13ys she was old enough to know and she has been a blessing helping me with ironing,housework and is going to cook me a chocolate cake for mothers day.i couldnt do this without th support of my wonderful family.

together i think in time we can improve our life please do keep in touch and feel free to chat we me anytime.take care xxxxx



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