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It’s Mira Monday

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Good morning folks firstly big hugs to all who are shielding as we enter the next lockdown- hopefully this picture will make you smile- I heard all this noise in the garden, went outside to see Mira and Bea having fun jumping on and off the patio furniture, they did this for ages so got my phone and managed to take this picture of Mira doing her Elvis impression 😂🕺🕺have a good week xx

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Big hugs from one shielder to another.🤗To coin my daughters favourite phrase....they crack me up 😅...oh the days of youth what wouldnt we give to have them back again 🤔.have good week with lots of lovely walks.(dirty ones in my case no doubt) xxxx

We had a walk in the woods yesterday afternoon after it had been raining and had to bath them when we got back - the water was filthy xx

I can imagine.mine get a bath about twice a year ....its much easier to wash their equafleeces then it is them.millie adores a bath ...marley is reluctant but will get in xxx

Yes very true - stupidly I didn’t put them in their equafleeces they had their jumpers on and Mira bring Mira ran through a muddy puddle that was a few inches deep - she was covered 😂😂 have fun on your walk with your 2 gorgeous dogs xx

Not going far today....bit tired had to go for a ct scan at 7pm last night in preston so I had 150 mile round trip . Good job I dont mind driving !

It's also a bitty in n out kind of day as my son is at college and texts me hes finished x

Oh my goodness that’s a long way to go for a scan , hope you get the results soon - take care xx

I wont go to my local hospital theyve made too many mistakes so my team is in preston although 2 consultants do hold clinics every so often at my local appointments have made it abit easier on me .I've still got 2 tests to have so wont get results for some time x

Just love her expression! What a great shot! These two look full of mischief - as always! Delightful pic SV - nice and cheery on a wet Monday morn 🐶😂🤗😘🤗

Dry here for a change xx

What a fabulous image. Mira is hilarious and you have captured her so well. We in Wales are coming out of the fire break today but frankly the Covid levels in the South Wales Valleys is so high nothing will change for me. Big Cwtches to you and your gorgeous fur babies xxx

She’s just such a little minx 😂 I hope your breathing is easier for you today xx

She is gorgeous. My boy Brodie is so funny he hates my nebuliser and runs around frantically thinking it is hurting me. Bless them they really bring so much ly to our lives don’t they? My breathing was better last night but again on waking I was wheezing badly. I rang the surgery to request an asthma review..not available until January?? I asked to speak to the nurse for advice as clearly my preventers are not working, told not until December so I had to get really insistent and someone will ring me on 25 th November? Honestly I am trying to prevent another crisis . I know things are difficult but it is ludicrous that an asthma patient cannot get access to advice unless they are in real difficulty. Gggrr xxx

Ahh bless your Brodie it must be confusing for him - it’s ridiculous your surgery saying that to you - goodness me you wouldn’t be asking unless you needed the help - it’s mad. Hope you have a good rest of the day xx

Yes he is a darling boy. Dylan is blind so he just jumped in my lap smelled it, sneezed and just left.Unimpressed definitely. My beautiful boys bring me joy every day xxx

Awwww adorable as usual. Didn’t know Mira did impressions. How talented she is.

Time to start her own You tube account and a blog.

She’d have lots of fans.

EJ 😍🤗♥️🥰🐾🦴

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Cute and naughty, what a combo! Have a good week, xxx

Love this picture. It surely does brighten up your day seeing their little faces.

Woof Woof Thanks x

Gorgeous pic svfarmer of mira and bea. Love their expressiins. Its really put a smile on my face today. 😍 Thank you and take care this week. Xx

They look so mischievous🤣,

...jumping up and down the covered patio furniture like a trampoline🥸🥸 <<<<note these bespectacled humanoid schnauzers?🤣🤣😅😂 🐕... 🦊 🐺 barking mad?...hairy eyebrows🥸🥸

Those bushy eyebrows🥸🤣

Mira and Bea are so adorable!❤️ Love seeing the photos and reading what mischief they get up to! Xx

Just look at that expression! Love it. Hoping you all have a good week. 🤗😘

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