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Yesterday's NHS Experience (Good)

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I thought sharing my experience yesterday might show that you can be helped very effectively and kindly.

For some time I've been having bloods taken because my potassium levels are well below normal. Yesterday my rheumy must have contacted my GP about bloods taken at the rheumy clinic last week showing an even lower potassium level. My GP called me. That in itself is scary! He explained and suggested I see him the next day ( today) for another test. OK. Then he rang again to say, sorry, but the moment he put the phone down he realised he'd be worrying all night about me.

He messaged ahead to the hospital and apologised to me that it would be A&E. I got there - not too busy but a number of people being told they shouldn't be there, and they should have called 111. I can't understand why anyone go to A&E unless unconscious or under duress ( that's me). Strolling in with something that doesn't need A&E doesn't make sense.

The computers had crashed about an hour before, but staff were doing their very best and there was a lot of iphoning going on. The pooter crash meant my GP's letter hadn't arrived, but it was somehow sorted behind the scenes by a nurse. Then I had the works: BP, temp, oxygenation, bloods taken, and an ECG. All these by nurses sweating like horses in the temperatures. Finally, a registrar saw me, said my potassium was slightly higher ( that might have been the two electrolyte drinks I knocked back before going). The registrar has prescribed v strong potassium tablets to dissolve and dring 3x per day for 3 days and said they wanted to do further tests, but this can be done by my GP.

A rambling story but I want to give ⭐️⭐️⭐️ to the GP who apologised for worrying about me . I haven't met him yet but I think he's going to be my go-to for further appts. Apologising for worrying? In my book that's extraordinary good manners and an indication of his dedication to his patients. I also felt that all the staff at the hospital were very good, and kindly battled on in spite of the heat and the IT problems.

Just thought it's good to be able to give a shout out when things go well.

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Thanks for posting this, lupiknits. Isn't it great when we can relate like human beings? Hope this resolves your K issues - are they steroid related do you think? x

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Lupiknits in reply to whisperit

Thanks. The K issues are a mystery: I don't take steroids!

It is so good to read about a positive experience. Sounds like you too have found a 🌟 GP. Phoning back because he would worry about you makes him a go to GP in my book. Mine once phoned me at 7pm on a Friday night to check I was ok! This was when I had seen him earlier in the week with pleurisy.

Hopefully you and your 🌟 GP will find out what is causing your low potassium and be able to remedy it. Xx

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