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Shivers in the heat??

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Hi all :)

So yesterday was very hot, it was at 22 degrees at 10pm, when I went to bed. I am currently on holiday with my Boyfriend (in Bracknell, I know SO exotic :P). Anyway as I got into bed, which only had a sheet as covers due to heat I was shivering and feeling really cold, I had to put on more layers and have him hug me!

Eventually I did fall asleep and then awoke boiling hot in my layers, I took them off- I am no longer cold, woke up with a very sweaty back (lovely) and wonder if I perhaps got a chill from swimming we did earlier in the day? Or if it's something to worry about? X

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I still need bed socks in this weather and can't tolerate air conditioned buildings, so I'm just finding it interesting to hide from the sun, dislike the heat, yet the Raynaud's still hangs around!

You may have caught a chill or it might just be one of those things. See if it carries on and whether you have a temperature?

Thank you :)

I will keep an eye on it

Could have been a flare. A similar thing happened to me (part of what lead to diagnosis). I had been feeling unwell and sat in the sun not knowing the harm it would do. In bed, I could not warm up and shivered for an hour straight (very painful when you can't stop). I woke up later with a fever and horrible headache. Found out later those can be symptoms of a flare. Did you know if you had a fever? Hope you are feeling better.

Luckily the next day and today I feel a lot better! Thank you for your concern :)

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