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Letting it go


I was meant to attend my rheumy nurse appointment today . I got there to only be told it was cancelled . As expected I was very peed off about it. I am letting it go and moving on.

I was meant to start my injections today my new appointment is now the 29th June. I have request that either a rheumy consultant or nurse ring so I can discuss my concerns . I don’t want to wait another 3 weeks to start the injections when it takes so long before you see noticeable changes anyway . To them it’s a cancelled appointment to me it’s my life .

I’ll keep you lot updated !

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An appointment I have been waiting for, for months was cancelled this week!!! I kind of went into a downward spiral emotionally with feeling fed up. My new appointment is not until 5th July now 🙄

All I can say, once you get over the initial let down, turn it into a positive.

You will be seen, you will get medicated. May take slightly longer but your on the right path


LouLamb in reply to Lisalou19

Sorry to hear about your appointment cancellation . As soon as it had happened I was like stuff this I’m never coming back

So sorry to hear this Lou! I’d be frustrated too. We do become numbers to them don’t we, rather than human beings with lives to live. You’ve done the right thing asking for someone to get back to you. Let us know if/when they do phone. I hope you don’t suffer too much whilst waiting. Xx

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