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Numbness and pain in face after chewing? Also, anyone developed urge incontinence as a result of their Lupus/Sjogrens/Vasculits/MCTD?

Hi everyone.

I am hoping some of you may be able to identify with either of the above please?

I ate some chicken today for lunch, and I appreciate it can be dry and chewy, but after eating, my jaws felt as if they had undergone some form of workout. My face felt peculiarly numb and woolly at the same time. Instantly! I'm not too sure how else to describe it, but it was very disconcerting. I have experienced some unusual numbness in face before and have sat with a heat pack on it to try and bring the feeling back. This episode however, made my heart beat fast (like a panic attack might be). I am l experiencing a light headed feeling now, an hour and a half later. I feel quite out of sorts. I have a follow up appointment with the immunologist, Thursday of this week, as I am reacting to certain foods and aromas - among the many other symptoms. Hoping he might have some answers at least! Crossing all for that. I forgot to add- the immunologist said, "You appear to have a jittery immune system!"

Now, to the urge incontinence - Just recently, I have been visiting the bathroom on a regular basis, more than usual. No pain and nothing to indicate a urine infection. Just the increase in urination. Unfortunately, I am not managing to reach the bathroom in time. It involves change of clothing, and, perhaps twice some days. I appreciate a certain age, childbirth and a hysterectomy will not help the cause, but this appears to have been more of a rapid decline rather than a steady one. I will ask about this too, but was curious to hear whether anyone else experiences similar?



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Oh how I identify with this. I get excruciating face pain and often burning and at other times its numb or freezing. My jaw hurts and my cheeks yet at other times everything is fine. I cannot find a trigger so have just put it down to one of those things that happens with AID.

The bladder issues I can identify with too. I know it's not childbirth related or anything else they blame as I had a mesh tape procedure (tvt) a few years ago and all had been well ever since, until now. The tape is still in place and doing its job so no other cause can be found by my urogynea doc other than muscles being affected by the inflammatory process. I have the same problem with my bowels as well and when that flares it's quite soul destroying and life changing as even the smallest quickest journey has to involve planning and toiletry procedures others take for granted.

I hope this has helped a little and you can get some treatment to help ease things.


Hi Georgie-girl.

Many thanks for taking the time to reply - it is much appreciated.

So sorry to hear your bowels are affected too. Sounds absolutely rotten! Yes, being out and about has its worries and many things to consider that we once took for granted. Sighing here! For all.

You have most certainly helped. Makes me feel more reassured that I am not concocting all of this in my head!! I keep banging on about the whole 'anxiety' label, but I never had it before and I do believe that it is a result of not being totally well. Everything seems to have been on downhill slide since I had a hysterectomy. It seems to have been one thing after another over the past few years. In fact, looking back, I was always a sickly child. Seemed better after puberty. After childbirth, that is when I feel the rot set in. I still blame the hormones...mine at least. Ugh!

Thanks again G-g

Sue. x


Yes I have had both of those issues .

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Thank you Buffy. The weirdest of sensations that's for sure!


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