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Living with Multiple Conditions and the List Keeps Growing

I have so many conditions now that I have lost count. The funny and sad part is that doctors originally treated me as a hypochondriac--even after being hospitalized for two weeks with Meningitis, and never fully recovered.

After fighting doctors for answers for years, they began to treat me more and more like a psychiatric case and forced me into a mental hospital. When they attempted a second time a month later, I fired the group, purchased PPO Insurance and began to handpick my doctors. "Amazingly", my diagnoses started pouring in, but by then Social Security didn't care, and continued to deny me for my benefits because of the comments from my ex-doctors. Now, I am continuing to fight however I can to make changes in the system. This part of my journey is just beginning since I was officially denied in Federal court, without representation, because my lawyer quit on me two weeks before my appeal was due.

I also started a blog on Wordpress, Facebook and Twitter under this same Username... I hope you'll read my story(ies) and follow my journey.

I look forward to getting to know you!

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