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Afternoon all,

So my specialist had told me not to take the Quinoric brand but my ridiculous chemist gave them to me!! I thought they tasted awful and I haven’t been feeling brilliant but thought it was the cold weather! I’m having bloods done next month will the Quinoric affect any levels or will I just feel rubbish till I get a new prescription?

Thank you! X

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I was on them for 9 weeks. had to come off them. flared my IBS after being dormant for years. I was more tired also. I don't think I can be on the right medication. I think my symptoms are more related to fibromyalgia. maybe both, don't know. seeing rheumy on Wednesday as I hurt all over, jelly legs/arms. so clumsy, forgetful, don't feel with it half the time. extreme fatigue, not much appetite. the list goes on and i realise I didn't mention at my first appointment that m.s. is in my family on my dad's side. must remember everything. I have to drive to the hospital and I will be in agony when I get there. oh deep joy.


Sometimes consultants (or the pharmacist) specify a particular brand of your medication. This is the case with one of my medications and if that is what is prescribed that is what your pharmacist should give you. Explain to your own chemist next time you have to order them but really your GP should back you up on this as they will get a copy of the specialists letter and list of meds . Good luck.


Hi JennaeClifford,

If you would like more information about the different brands of hydroxychloroquine, please take a look at this page on our website -


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