The first snows of Xmas

Slightly spoiled by my developing pneumonia. Luckily I was able to persuade the OOH GP that I didn't need to be admitted by promising to go to my GP first thing tomorrow for bloods and CXR.

Looking forward to a night of hot water bottles and gentle hallucinations, four calling birds, three french hens, two turtle doves and (altogether now) a handful of amoxcil capsules...


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25 Replies

  • Doesn't scan...

  • PS - get well soon...

  • I've got a sick note, miss.

  • Still doesn't scan... ;-)

  • The cat ate the final draft

  • That will do! Was beyond David Davis to come up with that one :-)

  • Hope you feel better soon, Lou x

  • thank you x

  • Poor you Mike you must be feeling atrocious. Glad they didn’t stick you in hospital and hope the Amoxillin kicks in very soon.. sure the festive count down will help...😎🤗

  • Truth is i feel pretty ill all the blinking time, Tt. At least this variation isn't painful (yet). The doctor was good though, and gave me the option of a bed right away or going home and seeing the GP first thing. Scoffing a day's worth of amoxicillin for tea now x

  • Oh no it’s a horrid thing to get. I got it a few months after having the pneumonia vac but I think it would have probably been much more serious if I hadn’t had the jab. Ironically my gp gave me no choice and shoved it in my arm while I was trying to tell him that things never actually go for my chest (a small lie!). So I’m not sure who the last laugh was on but he was the one who had to leave his busy surgery and rush up to my house when I collapsed in a heap after not eating for five days! X

  • Sounds miserable, hope you feel better soon. Did you not get the pneumo vac? X

  • Thanks. I think I only got the flu vacc. That'll teach me to pay attention. x

  • Was the practice nurse who advised me. Really hope you pick up soon, take care of yourself x

  • Hope you get better soon. Warm hugs xx

  • Thanks ursi. Hope you are back home soon (if you're not already) x

  • Have to wait till my bloods ok and taking antibiotics by mouth will be enough. But I’m not worried now,a few lovely people on the ward. We have masses of snow here, nice to see from inside.

    Take care xx

  • You poor chap! Well done on handling OOH. Warm hug x

  • thanks. i'm sure it helped that i was her last patient of the day x

  • Hope it clears up quickly - how are you feeling today?


  • Thank you. I'm "as well as could be expected" I think. The GP follow-up is going to be a problem, though, as apparently, they have all called in to say they can't get into work due to the snow! x

  • I hope you continue to improve. The GPs will probably be with their kids having fun in the snow. It has been known .....

  • Hi Whisperit

    So sorry it's pneumonia, do hope your feeling better soon. Fingers tightly crossed for amoxillcillin kicking in soon. Take care. X

  • Sorry you are in the wars again with extra things jumping in but do hope the antibiotic kicks in very soon.

    Keep out of that snow, no sledging for today!!

  • Yeah, I've had to withdraw from this week's nude downhill skiing practice. Thanks, cutty, hope you are coping with the cold x

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