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Hi all haven't posted for some time but read your posts often hope all is well. Can anyone advise me if Hydradenitis is related to lupus or is it a separate condition? I have had boil like lesions on my right side 4-6 and two flare ups of these since April. Red painful pustular lesions, seen dermatologist diagnosed skin infection 2 GP opinions diagnosed Hydradenitis, have anyone else had this condition?

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Hi Gaynormaria,

I've had a bit of a search through some available information and it suggests that the causes of hidradenitis are very poorly understood. You can read more about it in the NHS Choices article here - nhs.uk/conditions/hidradeni...

I can't find any reference to a link between this and lupus, but that doesn't necessarily mean that there isn't one.


Thank you Paul much appreciated


I have had this for years long before i had lupus but I had symptons of lupus in my 20's just didnt realise it till my 40's when diagnosed


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