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Granduloma Annular

Good morning all! I too have an many health issues and immune disorder. Has anyone ever heard of Granduloma Annular? Diagnosed with bioposy. My ANA was positive twice, rheumatoid arthritis, rash on shoulders/neck, behind ears that look like blisters with craters in them. They itched an went half way up scalp. On strong cortisone gel. Can't ever get in sun without fully being covered head to toes, and sun screen on face. I have read up on it but it's a mystery how it happens, no cure, flare ups that itch, not contagious. Has anyone else experienced this demon?

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Hiya. I was diagnosed with granuloma annulare when I was 7 (now 44) although wasn't diagnosed with sle until I was 39. Over the years I've used high dose steroid creams and patches. It disappears then reappears. This time it's been horrendous and I'm in the middle of UVA1 phototherapy and it's made a huge difference. The dermatologist gave me a cream called dermacool which cools it down when it's really itchy and driving me mad.



LucyLoo023...hey there! Thank you for your input! With autoimmune diseases it seems to take forever to get a true diagnosis. Been going to Rheumy for almost a year, numerous blood test, x-rays, nothing confirmed much. Then wha-la!!! My light rash appeared on back of neck, across shoulders, and was treated as hives with with script cream. About 2 months later the red blistering whelps with crater formation in center erupted itching, going half way up scalp, shoulders, ears and neck.. Dermatologist took a 3 stitch skin sample to conclude GA! I'm using Colbetasol jel. Using these high potent creams over a length of time can cause Cushing disease or pituitary gland problems. So nurse said use scrip hydrocortisone cream or petroleum jelly for a break!!! I did put some Colbetasol gel on fingertips and applied to scalp for itching and this helps. l researched some info on American Academy of Dermatology site...JAAD.org... an learned a lot about GA. Depending on if you have typical generalized or disseminated GA it concludes the therapy, meds and underlying issues that can be the previous existing problems that some docs overlook that causes the skin disease to start with. I'm no doctor nor giving any diagnosis but some problems could be a form of lymphoma, adenocarcinoma or tumor. Another site I read was aafp.org and it has a lot of great articles. Some of these sites may not be for the weak hearted but I'm the type of person I want to know the depth of illness and what to look for. Doesn't mean any of it will happen but it helps you to understand and maybe give the doc some suggestions to look at. Praying your therapy works well for you and gives you some peace. Take care Sharon. :)


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