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19th Driving lesson

Had the driving lesson. It was ok there was loads of traffic so just a lot of clutch control . Which is needed to learn . Everything seemed to go ok. Got another lesson Saturday morning anyway .

I kept hoping my stitches didn't pop open lol πŸ˜‚

On the teeth front . I decided to walk to the shops today up the road not far and got bus back . My mouth did hurt a bit . I've decided to see how far I get tomorrow to work . If I get the bus to town and then need to come straight back I will . If My mouth hurts after a little bit of waking that is nothing compared to what I have to do at work .

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That driving is going well x


Roll on Saturday and best wishes for the healing process on the mouth. Kevin

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Thank you x


Hi LouLamb

Hope the mouth is healing up well,and not giving you any pain.

You obviously feel well enough to go out driving,but dont forget you have had a full anaesthetic and it takes a while for this to get out of your system so just exercise a bit of care.

You plan your driving lessons very well ,and the practice driving lessons in between. How many more were you planning to have before you applied for your test ?

Dont rush it , you are doing well ,and your confidence seems to be building at the same time.

Take care,get better soon.




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