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Starting methotrexate injections-self administered. Eeek! Tips please!!

I'm about to start Methotrexate injections which I'll be doing myself. Can anyone tell me about their experiences or give me any tips pls? Am meeting a nurse specialist over the next few weeks to learn how to do the injections. I'm much more bothered about the side effects of the methotrexate than the injection bit so any tips to manage side effects would also be appreciated. Thank you!!

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Hi started 2 weeks ago please don't worry they are painless i I've got the medi jet I think dead easy nurse will put you at ease really painless you will see nurse she will show you how to do the injection then you do it then go back next week. And do the injection yourself without prompting just take a bag with you for the sharps bins one for under bed and one to take on holiday plus prescription a lot to carry ,I'm much better one the injections than the tabs don't feal I'll at all with the first injection felt a dit off with second though don't panic it really is no drama good luck

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Yes the nurses are very good at showing you what to do and will make sure you are confident before you leave them. I find injections much better than the tablets, my stomach is much happier and better relief of systemic symptoms. Poor absorption before. Good luck.

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