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Soft tissue injury from a fall

Yesterday I fell...stupid accident but fell over my darling 6 month old puppy who was faithfully lying behind me. As I turned around, unaware that she was behind me, I fell hitting my forearm/wrist & ankle. Went to A&E, had X-rays etc as was in a significant amount of pain.

Was surprised to find out I don't in fact have a fracture but a soft tissue injury. I woke up this morning feeling like I've been hit by a lorry & back flaring (after 6 days of increased energy & felling somewhat "normal" - hallelujah!).

I've had a recent UCTD diagnosis, not too surprised I'm feeling pretty crap today. I'm still trying to understand what's going on with my body, but with my history of tendonitis, bursitis etc... does anyone know if healing from this is going to be affected by the CTD issue?

Was told 3-5 days of significant pain, with 4-6 weeks recovery. Am taking paracetamol and icing every couple of hours.

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I would imagine so but don't really know, I'm interested to see what people say.

I hope you feel better soon. What I CAN say is that from my experience, is that soft tissue injuries take much longer to heal and for you to get over than a fracture ANYWAY, without the complication of UCTD!

Take care and rest. X


Thank you so much for your reply soootired - yes that is what the doctor said in A&E! Had forgotten to ask about possible implications of UCTD.

Another reminder I'm not in my twenties anymore as well & things take longer to heal the older we get (am 46)!



Snap! So am I!!!!!

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Oh yeah, I fell a month or so ago, banged my skin hard and had a goose-egg under the skin, covered in bruises (I bruise very easily). And it took over a month before the bump went down on my shin. I now wear a fall-detection device as the Dutchman didn't realise I'd fallen, so there's that.


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