Knee effusion

Knee effusion

Somewhat annoyingly my knee is swelling again. Despite having an aspiration of it 11 days ago,plus a steroid in injection , I had an awful night with it last night and it has a positive press test this morning 😢

I do have an orthopaedic appointment on Wednesday for further assessment as well as the rheumatology input, but I was hoping it would be settled for longer. Grrrr!


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9 Replies

  • RubyTuesday2 I can definitely see the swelling & it going up the leg ... So sorry that I have no real advice. Did they send off an aspiration sample for testing? Keep the knee up evenly with the upper leg when you are seated. I hope you get a bit of ease ASAP!

    Thinking of you Pixiewixie xx

  • Thanks Pixiewixie, yes they did send it off, but I haven't heard back yet. I was referred to orthopaedics by my GP even though rheumatology did the treatment. The idea being that they will do a full work up including scans etc. I'm relieved I have the appointment coming up on Wednesday morning as this sooo painful!

    All this symptom chasing does get a bit tiresome ah?!

  • All the best for your appointment. You are so right, symptom chasing is exhausting & Always Ongoing ! Good Luck X Pixiewixie

  • Thanks.

  • This is No Picnic! Am glad you & your medics are being proactive! Wishing you every best wish RT! Please keep us posted

    🍀😘🍀😘🍀 coco

  • Thank you. I feel very tearful today 😢

  • Can understand: 🙆 this is me sending you a big gentle hug ❤️🌷🍀

  • This is me appreciating it 💓Couldn't take enough analgesia whilst at work, so was feeling sorry for myself, which is unusual.

  • Update. Had orthopaedic appointment today. Hip x-rayed too (already had knee done) and MRI scan for both, with dye, to be booked. Weekly bloods for a while too. If knee gets any bigger or more painful then another aspiration while waiting for scan.

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