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I had my first tattoo done yesterday.

Thought I would post my viewpoint on this as there maybe someone out there wandering whether to go for it or not!

Firstly and most importantly the pain issue. Worst thing you can do is look at reviews on Google re tattoos.

I didn't find the tattoo process that painful in fact it was a lot better than I had built up in my mind.

The tattoo took 2.5 hours from start to finish and I would say the worst part was the last 30 mins as by this time the area being tattooed is so tender that when the tattooist is doing all the final details you really start to feel it.

I will also say that I felt quite fatigued during the process but was proud I'd made it to the finish line. I had my determined face on 😊

At the end the tattoo feels very tender and best way to describe it is it feels like you have bad sunburn.

Day 2 today and the tattoo still has that sunburnt feel but is 80% better in terms of tenderness.

Now some of you maybe thinking why on earth has she put herself through this!

I am 44 years of age and am going through a rebellious stage.

I have Lupus with an overlap disease of Sjogrens and some days I get so fed up with the symptoms & the limitations of them that getting the tattoo was in part a screw you to my autoimmune diseases.

Also some days I get so depressed and lose all hope with it all that I start not to care about anything, almost like I'm going through the motions. Sad but very true.

My beautiful 3D butterfly tattoo is for me also a sign of hope and of course the symbol for Lupus.

I have attached a photo of the tattoo which was taken on the day it was done.

I have no regrets getting the tattoo and would advise if you want one go for it.

Life's too short not to do all that you want to do.

Love & best wishes to you all xx

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Looks great, I've been thinking about having 1 for about 20 yrs now, I'm 60 now so maybe I have left it too late. Well done you, its lovely


Thanks Jayfer. It's never too late xx

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Hollydebs, that's beautiful!

Well done you and thank you for posting, I'm 60 with various health issues alongside fibro , and a tat is on my bucket list, but as you say, I was worried 're the pain. How big is it? And where?

And I can totally relate to being rebellious, I have lots of days like that and usually end up applying for a job that is totally out of my physical capability, it's so bloody frustrating!

Love what you've had done



Thanks CCupcakes. The tattoo is on my right arm on the underside. Interestingly I too have a bucket list and the tattoo was on it so one thing ticked! Think it's good to have a bucket list. Each one ticked is an achievement as well as a want. That's how I look at it.

It's a bit bigger than I wanted but tattooist said I would lose some of the wing detail, as I wanted 3D, if went much smaller so thought if you're gonna do it do it properly 😊


Love your butterfly, I have quite a few tattoos but since having lupus dared not have any more. Thank you, you have given me the courage to get another one that I have wanted for a while.

Karen xx

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Thanks Karen. Glad it's been an inspiration. Hope you'll upload a photo if you do get one would love to see it xx

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