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Autonomic Autoimmune Ganglionopathy anyone?

Two years ago at an autonomic unit I had, amongst other things, a blood test for AAG.

This test apparently is sent to oxford labs for testing and takes up to 6 months.

6 months later instead of getting my results I got a phone call telling me there had been a problem with some lab equipment and some patients, including myself, would have to have the test done again.

Naturally I complied and a few months later I was rather hastily told " all seems pretty normal" in a now go away and stop bothering us manner.

However today, 18months since my last blood test, I get a letter from said autonomic unit telling me they had found a discrepancy with my blood and would like to repeat the test again.

I know I have had a whole host of problems in the past with this hospital and have made complaints, but really. This is getting silly.

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Sounds as if the place has had a serious problem - no excuse, but it happens.

Is this Oxford labs UK or USA?

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UK Pro. I think the problem is with the hospital, not so much the lab. Yes, they had the initial problem with equipment but this hospital seem to mess up just about everything. I'm betting this is their error or oversight somewhere rather than the labs fault this time.


Sorry - wasn't clear, I meant the hospital.


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