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Lupus symptoms

Hi I've been diagnosed with anemia 2 years ago and I've been diagnosed with lymph nodes, I have a lot of lupus symptoms and I haven't been tested for it because I'm scared I don't know if the tests are going to be painful, I haven't gone to the doctor yet but I will mention to him when I see him next, please go easy on me, please nice comments, I'm new to this! I don't know what stage I'm at, I don't know what that means! Everyone feel well!

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Welcome! We are a kind and helpful lot here! The first thing you are likely to have is blood tests which will indicate what markers you have in your blood. After that I had a lung function test, an echogram of my heart and a chest xray. None of these are painful, except for the little scratch to take the blood samples, i had a hailfold capilleroscopy swhich requires nothing apart from placing you finger in a groove below a microscope.

Others here will have had other tests.


Ok thanks!!!


Hi, Everyone on here is very kind and will respond if they have had an experience with you question. Lupiknits is totally right if you go to the doctor with a list which shows the main concerns you have (symptoms you've had for sometime) and another list of ones that come and go (because they are just as important) this helps to keep you focused as you don't get much time. They will do blood tests to narrow things down, and as Lupiknits said lung xray and/or function and echo of the heart. According to your main symptoms they may do other tests but I have found any to be a problem.

I am concerned about how worried you seem to to be, by the number of posts you have made. It is better to know than to worry. You said your mums a nurse, Is she worried? I presume you are in the states, many people on here are also in America and could advise you when you know for sure.

Take a look at the online leaflets on this site, they will help. All the best.

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Hi jensen_lynne,

Lupus is usually diagnosed based on a combination of your symptoms and blood test results. Have you had a blood test before? It is usually painless. Please do discuss your symptoms with your doctor when you see them. If you need any tips on preparing for the appointment, you may find our blog article here helpful -

If you need more information about lupus and how it is diagnosed, you can request or download one of our free packs at


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