Lupus warrior

Lupus warrior

Well my fellow lupies, i have been an hydroxychloroquine for almost a year, i'm taking mycophenalate mofetil as well and i have to say, it's been a rollercoaster but i can say that i am finally at a point where i feel so much better then i use to feel... i remember thos horrible days when 12 hours of sleep was not enough, when i felt nauseous and could hardly eat anything... when all my joints hurt when i moved and even standing up made me dizzy, when i hard fevers almost every night...those days are gone... i still don't feel 100% and i know i probably will never feel that way again but here i am, i have gained 7 happy pounds and even though i need some naps here and there, i have got so far and i just hope that the next time i have a flare up, i have enough courage and strength to fight through with hope... it's hard to manage through, i know this... i have a full time job now caring for the disabled and i graduate next year, hopefully, with an associates in biological clinical science and a certificate in chemical laboratory technology and boy, it has been HARD to get here... no one knows your struggle like you, and be proud of every accomplishment no matter how big or small because lupus is a tough disease to manage and we have to remember our goals, remember we can do this, i have been to the hospital and stayed there for a few weeks and thought that i wouldnt be able to finish school, that i would have to drop out but hey, where there's a will, there's a way.... much love my lupies xoxo

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  • Thank you Steph: such a beautiful, deeply thoughtful post....

    🍀😘🍀😘 coco

  • Good work, I know it couldn't have been easy. Hope you find your dream job soon. Kaz x

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