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Is MCTD Lupus or Lupus related?

I recently came back from my pulmonary specialist. He diagnosed me with intestinal pulmonary fibrosis caused by the mctd. But he says i dont have lupus. Im confused cause im taking meds for lupus from my reumotologist and whenever i look up mctd it redirects me to lupus pages.

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Hi Jaylowdancer,

We have an info leaflet about MCTD which may help to answer your questions. You can read and download it on our website at

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Hi Jay,

It can all get rather complicated and confusing, especially when connective tissue things overlap.

Mixed connective tissue disease is basically when you have more than one. It usually refers to having signs and symptoms of Lupus, scleroderma and polymyositis but it is also possible to be a mix of others say for instance sjogrens.

You do not necessarily have to have lupus as such but could possibly have signs of it along with other CTD's. The meds are the same pretty much for all CTD's.

Hope this helps and hope you feel better soon.


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