Lupus? What can I do for pain relief?

After complaining of fatigue, joint pain and regular elevated temperatures, my GP sent me for bloodwork in early January that showed an ANA of 1:160 speckled and an anti-dsDNA of 10 IU/ml (>9 positive). She also mentioned my CRP, while still in normal range, doubled in the last three months. She referred me to a rheumatologist but I never even got a chance to make an appointment before moving across the country. Now I'm worried I must change insurance, get established with a new GP, hope he or she agrees I need a rheumatology referral and start the waiting game again.

My other symptoms include frequent migraines and tingling in hands and feet. Although I don't think have a true marlar rash, I do have redness in this area that came on after some sun exposure last May. I also accidentally sunburnt the back of my neck some months ago and that looked more like a burn from a fire, but I'm typically very religious about wearing sunscreen.

Since moving, my swelling in my feet and hands has increased, and even though I'm walking more, my feet are in such pain that I can't relieve it with NSAIDs and a night's sleep. Do any of you experience problems with your feet? Any suggestions to relieve pain?

Thanks in advance for your input!

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  • Hi mmmmmmml,

    Sorry to hear that you moving has set back your potential diagnosis and treatment. I hope that you are able to get established in your new home and get a diagnosis with out too much of a delay.

    We have a leaflet about lupus and the feet which may have some helpful information for you. You can read and download it at

    If you need more information about lupus, we have our full range of publications available to read and download at

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