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New Year Happy Year

Good news good news!

New family doctor and a new start on my lupus journey!

This doc is taking my symptoms and diagnosis serious and is a believer in a person having lupus with a neg ana. Yeah!!!!

He adamantly feels that I do have sle and is quite upset my last dr never referred me to a rhuemy or neurologist. He also believes I have sjogrens.

Plus! It has been confirmed my daughter has thyroiditis and has been referred to a rhuemy as well. He agrees with me that she more than likely also has sle. But will wait to see what rhuemy says.

So all in all...2 visits to the dr and both my daughter and I are moving forward with some serious health concerns that have been tossed asies for nearly 3 years.

Both her and I are very happy :)

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YAY is right, Lara 👍👍👍👍

Thanks so much for this news

Wishing you & your daughter every best wish

🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco

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One of the best things I ever did was to switch from a lazy and bigoted GP practice to another one in a different village. The difference was as clear as your move has shown.

It restored my faith in there still being good family doctors!


Thank you for the support :)

It sure is a wonderful feeling knowing that my family finally has the medical support we need!


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Hi Lara

Great to read your good diagnosis news for you and your daughter. Hears to a much better 2017 for you both. Where does this Rheumy practice?. There are a lot of patients on here we could send to him!. Ha!. X


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