Mitral valve regurgitation

Before Christmas I had an Echocardiogram which showed up a problem with my mitral valve. On the same day another poster had exactly the same diagnosis. Unfortunately I can't remember the members name - sorry. Anyway I thought that I would give an update in the hopes that the other member will pick up on this .

I saw the Cardiologist today and he confirmed that I had had a heart attack, probably last year when I had pneumonia. He said that I need further tests to see the extent of damage to the mitral valve. He is scheduling me for a CAT scan and depending on the results , he will treat the problem with medication or a stent.

I was very anxious and he was most reassuring. I hope that the person who also has this problem has had reassurance from her cardiologist.

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Hi hope you find the person that had the same diagnosis as yourself. Since I have been on this site I haven't felt so alone with my illness. Good luck x


Hello Maurice, I think that was me who posted that! Thanks for the update, I'm sorry you've had an "unknown" heart attack, that must have been a shock! But at least you are getting the proper care now and have been reassured. My rheumatologist said in her letter mine was mild and she would discuss it further with me at my appointment with her in February so I'm just waiting till then. I don't feel any worse than before I knew I had it and I'm still going to the swimming pool and doing a bit of walking when I have the energy. The breathlessness is still bad but as I have difficult asthma it's hard to know what's causing what, I also get palpitations now and then. I'll be really interested to hear how you get on with everything so please keep us posted and thanks again for looking for me. 😊 Bronagh

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Glad to know that you're coping Bronagh. Coincidentally, I too have asthma. I had my first attack when I had the pneumonia in August 2015 which is when I think I had the heart attack. I lost a lot of ground then, and I've never really got back to pre pneumonia levels. I think that the doctors are managing to get the asthma under control and I'm learning what breathlessness is asthma and which is heart. Here in Liverpool, we have a specialist Heart and Chest hospital which has recently won a national award for excellence so I'm placing my trust in them. Please let us know how you go on in Feb.


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