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Been fighting Lichen Planus for 2yrs.

Now having systems of Lupus, mother has it. Scared to find out.

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Take extra care if prescribed Plaquenil. Landed me in a terrible mess in Hospital isolation covered in wet towels & total blackout for ten hellish days. Biopsy showed Lichen Planus, plaq made it much worse eventually S. L. E. diag.

Now take CellCept & have gotten Prednisolne down to 5mg (from 80mg over 4 years). My L.P. is thought to have been reaction to B.P. drug Avapro (sulfur component) The Plaquenil sent it into full blown Lupus S. L. E.

Treat yourself seriously, if you have an itch don't treat with traditional remedies & ignore take note, take a photo & chk with your Dr. Stay out of the sun. Just stay out of the sun.

Apologies for the long reply. I often think I didn't have to develop S.L.E. that it could have been avoided.

Best Wishes to you xxx


Thank you I will take notes.


I had lichen plants on my gums and I was sent to a dental hospital. I was given a steroid mouthwash and it cleared up within weeks.


Thank you, the doc told me to apply clobetasol propionate ointment in my mouth, it helps for few days. Jerk, I will seek another dermatologist. The sites have grown quarter size and now black. That cream does nothing for me.

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And my toes are turning colors as well. These sites bumps are huge. Mouth and body. I am given the run around because they seem not to understand this disease.

Lord help me.

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Hi SharonMack50,

As you may know, the symptoms of lupus can vary from one person to another.

Lupus can be identified through blood tests which you can request at your GP. To find out about the diagnosis of lupus and the blood tests used you can download or request our free information pack at lupusuk.org.uk/request-info...

The NHS Choices website provides a detailed overview of Lichen Planus which I hope is of help to you: nhs.uk/conditions/Lichen-pl...

Wishing you the best of luck, let us know how you get on.

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Thank you, I will follow up

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Sorry haven't communicate in months.

Just moved to Georgia and had to go to the hospital for my body aches. It was so bad I couldn't walk. They did blood test but I must seek a private doctor concerning my Lichen Planus and to see if I have Lupus. My mother suffers with it.

If anyone knows a doctor that specializes with Lupus in GA please send information plus this Lichen Planus is not healing at all. Mouth and body.

Have a bless day.