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Indigestion and Nausea a symptom????

So since New Year's Day I have been having nausea. Not constant, but it comes and goes. Feels like how I felt before being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, but I know my thyroid levels are normal. Now today I have been feeling pressure between my breasts like a bubble and have been burping a lot. Totally freaking me out. Scared I'm having a freaking heart attack!!!!! I never get indigestion, but when you all get flares which is what my doc is thinking is going on right now, do you ever get nauseous and burp a lot. I feel like I am falling apart. Hope you all are feeling well and starting the new year off on a good foot! xo

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Boy can identify with what you're going through LucyK. Don't know the whys and wherefores unfortunately but I have the same symptoms which I've now had for many moons. If it carries on I'd ask for further tests or a referral-I go next week and hopefully get answers.

Hope you find answers from others more helpful but at least you know you're not on your own. 'M'

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Hi LucyK5821,

I have also been experiencing this. I have tried a number of different treatments. Rhemy suggested Ranitidine, available off the self which worked for me. You need to leave at least 4 hrs between taking this & hydroxy. Follow the instructions for antacids on hydroxy leaflet in pack.

Hope this helps.


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