Is this a flare?

What a way to spend a New Year's hun?! Ok so for the past few days I feel horrible! I ache all over, joints, muscles, everything and so tired. I took my temp and it is at 96.1 which seems to be my norm lately even though up to a year ago I was always around 98 degrees. I've been on plaquenil since the beginning of November and actually have had increased energy levels and joint pains got much better. Now this. I'm praying you all are flare free and enjoying some bubbly tonight. Maybe that's what I need!!!!

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Wishing you well in this New Year, hopefully the medication continues to help you as it sometimes takes time, even a few months or more, even six months plus to really help your symptoms. I cut back for the winter months last year and it didn't take long before I felt like you do now and it took along time for me to feel better after going v back to the doze I had been on. A year on and I am feeling well enough to go for walks with the family (light is dull so less hiding 🙌) and not having to rest as much as I did a year ago. ML


I haven't gotten out of bed all day. I was nauseous this morning and haven't had a appetite at all. I'm exhausted and hurt all over😔. Guess I'll call my rheumatologist in the morning. Don't know if she can do anything or not.


I hated plaqenil. I started having eye problems after only one year on it so my Rheumy switched to azithione. I'm so much happier

No pleurisy symptoms, no cough less aches etc. I must be one who can't tolerate it

I wish I could take the new IV one Benalsyta. But can't bc I used to have hep c

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Thanks so much for responding. I'm so sick I went to the ER. I'm so nauseous. Doc said he wants to see where my inflammation levels are. Not a good way to start the year🤢


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