I had Tuesday off work as i was feeling ill. Think it was because on the road side for 2 hours in the cold on Saturday. I had today off as i needed to go for an appointment for my back to get it redressed, because of the time there was no point me going in because i would had to leave by half 9 ish to get the 2 buses to appointment. I am not going in tomorrow as i still dont feel 100 % and my back is hurting from where my cyst is.

I need the day off Tuesday to go to another appointment to get my back redressed and checked that it is healing on its own. It is a 12 so by the time i get to work then have to leave to get the 2 buses there is no point. On thursday 20th i already have the day off for hospital appointment which i asked for last month.

My mum said to me hope they don't fire you. Is this a possibility? I am worried now.

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  • You are entitled to time off for hospital/medical appointments as far as I've always been aware. I'm not sure about the whole day maybe they would expect u to go in before or after I don't know suppose it depends how many hrs u are meant to be working? Like u say if it's worth it? If u are still unwell tho could u maybe go off sick until u are better and don't need to go for appointments so frequently? Just a thought then u wouldn't have to worry?

  • After I sort my back out and the hole had healed where the cyst is the only appointment I will have is 1 every 3-6 months for lupus .

    After I have 2 days off next week . I would have only had 5 days off and have been there 2 months .

    I'm not gonna worried I've decided. It's only an apprenticeship I can get another one or a full time job but can't get another life . Since what happened on Saturday I've realised that

  • Yes I'm sure if it's an apprenticeship it will be fine as long as they know what's going on I wouldn't worry

  • Be upfront with your employers ,tell them what is happening.You are allowed time out for medical apps but you need to check with your employers on this as different companies have different policies.

    You can always offer to work extra to make up,any time lost,this may be possible or not but you have at least offered to make amends.

    You can't help being ill Lou so they should cut you some slack.

    As you say you only have one life.

    Put yourself first.

    Take care.



  • You don't get paid for the first 2 days off ill anyway . So I might be looking at Losing £80 this month from my wages for 4 days off as next Thursday appoinment they are paying me

  • That's quite a chunk to lose.It used to be the same where my husband worked if you were off for 2 days or 5.

    It's a difficult one to decide what to do but whatever happens Lou you have to put yourself first.

    As you say at this stage it's only an apprenticeship so you could get another but it's the hassle of having to reapply etc.

    Hope all turns out ok for you .You have tried so hard to get on with things and have such a positive attitude towards life.

    Take care,stay well.



  • Hi there,

    I am sorry to hear that your health issues mean that you have to miss work. But you obviously need the time off to attend your medical appointments and to improve your health which has to come first.

    It might be a good idea to discuss this with your employer so that they understand what you are going through, especially as you might need to take further time off for other medical appointments in the future, and try to support you.

    We produce two guides on employment and lupus which you might find useful and can be accessed or downloaded on our website useful lupusuk.org.uk/wp-content/u... and lupusuk.org.uk/wp-content/u... I

    f you need physical copies of these, please just send me a private message or email fabienne@lupusuk.org.uk with your name and address.

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