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Been to the doctors tonight . As on my back I had a thing that started as a spot . Very hard to describe . Then it went bigger and red . I caught it the other day . Gradually it has opened back up so know it basically looks like a whole in my back . On antibiotics for a week as it is infected . Going to the nurse on Tuesday evening to see if it has healed any bit or if need regular dressings put on it. Coulda have had nasal flu spray today as under 18 but weren't prepared for it . Gonna see if can get it done on Tuesday . I don't like things sprung last minute on me like that

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The joys of working in a school, you pick up all germs going. Hopefully your infected skin will clear quickly and make sure you do get the flu jab when prepared as it will help dampen any colds that begin to circulate this time of year. X


Hi LouLamb, if you have the nasal flu spray I would recommend you discuss it with your doctor first. Unlike the jab it is not a dead version of the virus but a weakened one. If you have a suppressed immune system it may not be advised to have it in this form.


Yes LouLamb - I see Paul has already mentioned it but do check about whether it is OK for you to have the nasal spray while on immunosuppressants. It isn't even OK for us on mere pred.


I'm not taking any meds now


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