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Prednisolone advise

has anyone had any side effects on Prednisolone? I have to take 3 5mg tablets for 5 days, 2 tablets for 5 days and 1 for 5 days.

My flare ups are really bad at the moment so my Rheumy wants to see if this makes a difference. I am currently on 2 hydroxychloroquine pills a day and 4 sulfasalazine pills a day.

They worked fine for about 9 months but I seem to be in a constant flare up at the moment.

I am also petrified of putting weight on while on the steroids. I eat healthy and exercise as much as possible when my joints are not really playing up.

Any advise would be much appreciated

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You are only taking them for 2 weeks - weight gain shouldn't be an issue in that time. I take pred on a permanent basis - it is the only medication that manages my autoimmune disorder symptoms. You may feel a bit hyper at first, pred does that to some people but not all. You may feel very hungry - but these are moderate to low doses so it is less likely. Don't give in to cravings for carbs - reduce your carbs while on the pred and you should have few problems. I managed to lose weight while taking pred - and a few very lucky people don't have weight problems at all.


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