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Are Experts never Wrong!!!?


Do so called expert's ever get it wrong i tripped quite badly hurting my back in april 2014 the doctor sent me to see a consultant who sent me for a mri and catscan they said mybe Arthritis but no damage and it would be fine in 6 to 10 months! 2 years later im still in pain and cant do lots of things like fishing and jobs i used to do. I have got very down 65 but have down manual work all my life having my own business for 20 years i am going for a x.ray next week. But how can he say i would be better in 6 10 months and still in pain 2 years later im sure he thinks im putting it on .he also said it relates to a injury i had 26 years ago i know it isn't any advice peppsx

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Very often I imagine - even experts are only human!

Have you seen a physiotherapist or sports massage therapist? It could well be muscular - it wouldn't necessarily show on any of the (very expensive) imaging you've had done that the doctor can bill for (I'm assuming you are in the US????) nor will muscular stuff show on an x-ray. I suspect too that he thought it was like the vast majority of back pain which does resolve on its own in 6-12 months.

I'd seek a physio or sport massage therapist or even try Bowen therapy (google Bowen4life for lots of info including videos). It can't hurt (except your pocket book a bit maybe) and it helped me and several others with similar problems so would be worth a try of the 3 sessions they recommend to see if it makes a difference - if it doesn't then it probably isn't for you.

Am vvvv much feeling for you bobbykins (great name),

And I'm with PMRpro on all counts

will just add that I was being told similar stuff by both NHS & complementary practitioners about my spine condition for decades: that it was all due to a serious childhood injury fall on my head + wear & tear...meanwhile despite all efforts I became increasingly disabled & housebound...

This was during the bad decades before my infant onset lupus was recovered 5 years ago in my 50s. NOW we know that as well as the effects of that bad childhood accident, my spine pain is 'complex & chronic' due mainly to the following bunch of overlapping & interplaying factors:

-Ehlers danlos hypermobility causing excessive degeneration of over active spine joints

-SLE tendon tightening causing soft tissue pain + pressure on spine joints

-SLE causing Synovitis in sacral & top cervical spine joints (the only synovial spinal joints)

Of course, we aren't alone in having complex causes for our spine pain...but we are individuals & the mixture of complimentary therapies + lifestyle managements + meds that can help our spines most varies between individuals.

In my case, NHS GPs & neurosurgeons & rheumies & all their tests, X Rays, MRIs, prescription NSAIDs, opiate analgesics etc etc & physios, + private chiropractors & osteopaths & masseuse ALL failed to understand the complex causes of my spine pain for no matter what they tried, they could only help me so much....meanwhile I relied on the Alexander Technique (postural training) + various orthotic devices (cervical collars, lumbar wraps, memory foam seat & lumbar wedges etc), Thermacare heat products (the best...I get them from Tesco & Boots) + pacing activities, afternoon horizontal naps & meditation with pillow under knees etc etc...UNTIL in 1998 NHS neurosurgery referred me to a NHS Pain Consultant whose spinal facet joint blocks + denervation ops REALLY did numb 75% of my chroinc spine pain, so I could function a bit better....AND then 13 years after that, my cocktail of daily lupus meds began to clear any lingering spine pain (thereby proving that immune dysfunction inflammatory process CAN INDEED be at least partly resonsible for spine pain 😉)

Now, at 62, I'm 97.5% spine pain free thanks to continuing the Alexander Technique & lifestyle mamagement...I haven't worn a cervical collar in years, or needed a wheel chair....but I DO continue all the lifestyle management techniques

I'd suggest you visit the HealthUnlocked Pain Concern Forum....where people have lots of experience of this sort of chronic problem...i've found them a good bunch

Apologies for going on at such length....but this subject is a BIGGIE for feeling is that you deserve referral to an NHS Pain Clinic

Am glad you posted & am wishing you all the very best

🍀🍀🍀 coco

bobbykins in reply to Barnclown

Thanks for that Coco I'll check them outthanks love Bobxx

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