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Hi all my daughter was diagnosed with lupus this week( we think )however because she was previouly diagnosed with PLE the rheumatologist does not want to over rule him so we are waiting to start treatment which won't happen until she hears back from him although it was the dermatologist advised us to go to rheumatologist. Anyone else had this difficulty before

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I can't say that I have dealt with this before, but it is good to see that doctors consult with each other. I hope you get an answer soon.


Thanks for replying I don't think this would have been an issue if the rheumatologist had seen her first but because we had no idea of lupus and the symptoms we were looking for answers to why she always came out in a rash in the sun. It was only was only after they diagnosed PLE that they noted the high ANA and asked about other symptoms that they recommend she seek advice from the rheumatologist. This was.only her 2nd visit to rheumatologist that she said she thinks lupus


My cousin has this type of lupus. She still gets out, just covers up. The direct sun is hard to deal with for me. I don't break out in a rash, it is the heat I have a hard time tolerating. My cousin wears long sleeves (cotton shirt) and a big hat and long trousers and then she can still enjoy her garden.


My daughter is the same she loves to travel and will continue to do so bur obviously we will be more cautious go by her lead

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