Can't sleep again

Can't sleep again

Woke up at 3 am to really itchy swollen hands and feet and it's now 5 am. I have to be at work jn a few hrs and praying that I feel better soon so I can function today on 3 hrs of sleep. I just want some sleep...just one good night of rest without pain or itchiness or burning hands and feet. I just don't understand this and don't even know if it's even lupus related or not anymore. Just seems like a bundle package or something...pain, fatigue, rashes, swollen ankles, feet, and hands. Oh and they itch like crazy too. I've scratched so much that I've made myself bleed. So frustrating.

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  • Sound awful my skin itched as it was making way for new skin so I was shedding which was pretty bad so great sympathy. My family sent me lots o different creams, but only the hydroxychloroquine seemed to work in the end. I get up a couple of times a night, sometimes burning lavender helped (must try it myself again). Wishing you well. ML

  • Hi ratana21,

    Have you tried cooling the area? I used to go to bed with a freezer block wrapped in a towel to relieve the itch, although I only had it on one hand. It helped enough to get back to sleep. Don't give yourself hypothermia though!

    Sarah x

  • Hi,

    I would suggest your see your Dr. ASAP. It is possible this is from a flareup of Lupus (could be other disorders as well). The pain, fatigue, rashes, swollen ankles could be due to Lupus with the possibility your kidneys are affected (swelling). In order to bring it under control quickly you may be put on higher doses of prednisone in conjunction with a diuretic and an immunosuppressant. Only your Dr. can determine the cause and treatment. The sooner the better.

    Dr. S.

  • I have that problem on the tops of my feet and the backs of my hands.

    I try to keep cool, stick my feet out of the bottom of th duvet, and my hands out of the top

    I found that a good slather of e45 itch cream helps, but if all else fails I get up and make some chamomile tea ☕

  • Me too! For the first time in my decades of lupus, I am clawing away at the backs of my hands and feet. I think mine is neuropathic, caused by photosensitivity. I'm also getting lots of pain and intense pins and needles. My GP is suggesting amitriptylline, gabapentin or lyrica but need to run it by Rheumy first.

    Here's to cool nights!!

  • I'm currently experiencing this :-( I feel for you. I can't sleep, either. I'm itching everywhere, mainly my eyes and face. Most of the time it's my palms and I normally get red marks everywhere and like you said, so itchy! Luckily my hands are keeping out of it tonight but j feel like I'm going to claw my face off !! :-( hope you managed to get some rest in the end X

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