Remember my post about waiting for aides? My email worked. Just had a visit and my much needed aide from OT delivered!

Hello all. I hope you are as well as you can be.

A week or so ago I posted that Disability Rights was alerting us that very long waiting lists for essential aides was being taken up by an organisation called Healthwatch. I emailed my local branch bemoaning the four month wait for assessment as I was struggling using our low style toilet. That was 25th July.

Today, a phone call was received, would we be in see an OT adviser in 15 mins? End result four inch toilet seat installed, an adjustable camode ordered and measuring of stairs ??? Took place with new camode to be delivered tomorrow!

So, if you need something to help you in your home, contact Health watch in your area. It works! I still have to wait four months for full assessment but stress and struggle relieved now.

We have a friend in these people! Lets use them

Much love


PS they no longer take things back! Cuts! So new issued all the time so my old camode scrubbed and cleaned and destined for the hospice shop! Recycle!

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That's great news Footygirl, I'm glad that HealthWatch could help you get some aides sooner. Thank you for sharing your experiences so that others can do the same if they need to.




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