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help! I'm new but have questions! Im a teen experiencing Burning toes and lower back pain?


okay so I'm not even sure if I'm posting this on the right community, i have no idea what I'm doing to be honest. But I'm desperate for some advise. So I'm a young teenager and I'm experiencing lower back pain all the time. not only when leaning long periods of time, but i can't lay on my stomach because my back will hurt to much. I'm not able to do push ups either because my back will start to hurt before my arms give out, even if i have perfect form. My back seems to be sensitive to staying in one spot for a long time also. Sometimes this pain spreads to the sides of my thighs, but not all the time. I also experience toe burning? I'm not even sure if thats a thing but i have it! out of nowhere my toes just get this feeling that they are on fire. not my foot only my toes. I'm very flexible and pretty athletic so i have no idea what this is. My mom has trouble with nerves and is 56 and already has arthritis. Not sure if that has to do with anything but I'm just putting out on the table to see if this is serious before i go to the doctor for no reason. please someone help!

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If you back pain is worse the second half of the night, improves with exercise and causes morning stiffness then you may have inflamatory back pain. This is a good link

We can't diagnose you obviously but it does sound like you may have pinched some nerves or have some muscle inflammation.

Do go to your GP. They may prescribe anti inflammatory meds or refer you for physio, but don't suffer unnecessarily.

HeyItsEvy in reply to LupieMani

okay thank you!

Very flexible and back pain/strain on push ups?

You should really ask medical advice from a doctor as not medical staff but the flexible bit sounds familiar sohave a look at hypermobility or/Ehlers Danlos type 3.

Just a thought but best to ask GP.


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