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No go at hospital appointment they need glasses

Well guys I didn't have a lot of luck with my hospital appointment they where no concerned about my knee twisting but where going to send me for upper back MRI and have to make an appointment with rumi doc cos of lupus they are blaming it all on this so it's vasculitis in feet walking to much and a knee that is falling Apart that is red hot. Not happy bunny

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Eeeek unhappy bunny time for sure.

Sorry not a v positive day for you.

Darned Lupus 😡 doesn't know when its overstayed its welcome ,not that it was ever invited,it just moves in all elbows out .

Hope rheumy doc can come up with a treatment plan to calm it all back down and give you a bit of life quality back.

Wishing you better times ahead

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hi littleeffie yep been podiatry today feet all red knee kept me up last night all wattery then whent stiff and burning woke me up at 3am getting a bit pissed off with this now


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