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Heart murmur advice please?


, ,. I am a 50 year old female and since I was 17, I have suffered hypertension.

Despite trying many different medications etc. It has continued to rise over the last few years to readings such as 218/132, 226/141 etc etc.

No doctor or nurse can figure out why.

Anyway, aside from that, I was also told at 17 that I had a heart murmur.

Later on I was found to have left ventricular hypertrophy and last week in a doctor's letter I found I have ejection systolic murmur audible the left sternal edge of the apex.

I get the hypertension thing but could someone please explain the other two?

I had a pre op consultation two weeks ago for a bladder problem and there was clearly an issue with the ECG but the guy who did it could not discuss it with me.

I have to see the doctor regarding this in two weeks.

I had severe, scary chest pains four days before the ECG.

I am mostly bedbound and use a wheelchair for hospital and doctor appointments as I have a complex medical history which I can get my head around but I just don't understand what the murmur issues mean.

If there is some kind of vascular link...I have enlarged perivascular spaces on the brain...if relevant?

I can take any news so don't be afraid to tell it as it is!

Thanks for your time. Xx

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