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connective tissue

Have not written for a while I saw my consultant in February who then sent me for a heart CT Scan as I kept getting breathless last week the consultant rang me and said the heart scan was fine but they found something on my liver and want to send me for an ultra scan but would not say what I have the scan next week but I am now worried what they have found has anyone else gone through this and any advise would be appreciated x

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Hi Sharon, I've also just been for a heart scan, as I've been suffering a lot of breathlessness. I haven't had the results yet.

I also have auto immune hepatitis, and wondered if that's possibly what they might have seen on your liver. I have scarring of the liver due to the illness.

I wish you all the best, and please keep us updated X


Hi Jacqueline 121, Thanks for that information I will keep that in mind, l don't see me consultant until August now, all things start going through your mind x

Yes I will keep everyone updated x


It could be a harmless cyst but because the CT wasn't directed to the liver, it didn't come out as clear as it should have for a diagnosis. Try not to worry just yet - if you didn't have any liver-related symptoms (jaundice, tiredness, abdo pain, fluid in the abdo cavity, etc) then it's unlikely to be something serious there.

Have they mentioned what scan you'll have? Is it an MRI? A Fibroscan?


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