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The darker side of lupus #5

Is when you are transferred to a new reneal consultant for you regular six week check up after transplant.

This is normal practice in the uk but what is not normal, is when, on starting your first meeting with said consultant it becomes very clear that he had not bothered to read your any part of your file, let alone the renal section.........

His opening statement to me was........ 'so hows your fistula doing?'

My fistula STOPPED working 6 weeks before, I caught an infection in it, was treated by the local gp AND informed and saw my previous consultsnt on that same day as it was swollen so much my local gp sent me straight to the hospital..........notes were placed on the file and my hospital records that are computerised!

Faith and trust in a new consultant is earned, I feel this was not a good start.......

Thats the darker side of lupus good people. X 😲ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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Yes trust is earned , and they have our lives in there hands ,and our trust and faith is important seems sometimes these little gods forget that !

Hugs I hope he redeems himself to you soon !

Chris xx


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