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had enough

Hi all I have had a constant headache for 2 weeks now it is driving me crazy, have been taking codeine topped up with paracetamol to no a vale. I am going abroad next week and dreading it because of this.

It is now getting to the stage where it is making me feel sick and dizzy.

Please can someone chop of my head and give me a new one or just a new body in general. lol


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Hi julie1234, I dont know if this is of any help, but l had this for 3 weeks only a couple of weeks ago, l eventually went to chemist and bought migraleve tablets, used for migraine and it cleared it very quickly. I took my prescription list with me and they checked to see which ones l could have with all the medication l take, hope this works for you too. Lucymsy

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Hi, I've had trouble with terrible headaches since my diagnoses, even hospitalised once. I now take Sumatriptan for migraines and find them a great relief.

Good luck



If you take too many paracetamol it will actually give you headaches. It's also bad for you liver and overdosing on it will damage your liver. You would be better to go to your doctor and try and find out the cause of your headache rather than keep taking a lot of paracetamol


Hi Julie1234, are you on any other medication as you only mention codeine and paracetamol. Nx


Your bp could be high. Stress. Or the food you eat


Hi julie1234,

Have you had your headaches investigated by your doctor(s)? Headaches are common in lupus and any patient who experiences them should undergo a systematic search for known causes, including blood pressure checking, an examination of the blood for antiphospholipid antibodies and ultimately, if indicated, a brain scan.


Thanks all for your replies noonoo52 I also on keppra lamotogine hydoxocholrquine, but i have been on them for a long time, the first two are for epilepsy although taht hows now been changed to non epileptic seizure syndrome same symptoms but not caused by brain miss firing. my Daughter thinks it may be tension maybe she is right my body does tend to be like a coiled spring most of the time especially round shoulders and neck.



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