Hydroxychloroquine (lactose free)

Hi Guys

Advice needed please. Been on the above for a year and I'm still having stomach problems. Due to see the Rhuem Consultant in two weeks and will be bringing this up (no pun intended) with him. Usually my appoint is rushed and his attention always seems to be somewhat absent. Anyway can you suggest an alternative drug that doesn't give an upset tummy?

I take 40mg of Omeprazole anyway for excess acid production despite the additional problem with the hydroxychloroquine.

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  • Hi autumSun

    Try taking one lactofree capsule with the Hydroxy. I am lactose intolerant and nearly all meds have lactose.

    Hope this helps.


  • Thanks Ursi

    Where do I get the lactofree capsules from?

  • Higher Nature or H&B

    I am just trying out the latter as they have a penny sale.


  • Thanks Ursi.

    Will give then a try


  • Don't forget to take the Hydroxy with food!

  • I do Minnime, but thanks for the comment

    Take care


  • Make sure it's placqunil, I don't think you should take omeprazole within 2 hours of taking it and as others say take it with food

    Hope you feel better soon

  • Thanks Daisy

    You take care


  • I am on placquinil and naproxen as well as tramadol. They seem to help. Not too many flair ups so far. Medium is good, taken with my dinner really helps.

  • I lactose intolerant I take ompreszole first empty tum.then after eaten plaqenil.

    Used be able get lactase serum not sold in uk anymore.

    Also ompreszole isn't a antacid it's only antacids can not take two hour before or after plaqenil such as gaviscon.


    Sorry see your rheumatologist rushing you...not on.

  • I'm in the US and I can only take name brand Plaquenil as the generics upset my stomach. If you are in the UK, I've read that folks have had good experience with hydroxy from Blackrock Parmaceuticals.

    Read this thread: healthunlocked.com/lupusuk/...

  • Im sorry but i just found out that we are not allowed to give advice on medications on this forum. Any medical or medicine questions should be taken up between you and you health team. That way you get the right treatment from your team of health professionals. If you are in the U.s. if you want to email me i can let you have it. Take care.

  • Thanks to everyone for taking time out to respond. I should have rephrased my initial question in that while I'm not seeking medical advice as such was curious as to what others do to alleviate side effects of the hydroxychloroquine, lactose intolerance etc. And what their health professional has recommended.

    With the broad spectrum of SLE/Fibro symptoms its difficult to know what is a related to these conditions or is a drug side effect.

    As ever, I appreciate all feedback, it really does help

    Best wishes


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