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Sle /heart attack

Hi everyone I've got sle on all the usual meds and thought it was getting under control until 2 weeks ago when I had a heart attack apparently women of my age ( in their fourties ) are more at risk for some reason my specialist isn't positive it's down to the lupus but it could be they have stopped my lupus meds until the sort my heart meds out but I think I'm flaring up as everything seems to hurt not seeing my specialist nurse till next month any ideas what can help with the pain as I'm sensitive to pain killers xxxx

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Is it the cardiologist who stopped your meds Lisa? Was your rheumatologist involved in that decision? And can you not call your rheum nurse for advice or earlier appointment? You must be so worried, I am sure your cardiologist will have checked you thoroughly to minimise risk of any further heart attacks, but I can understand you don't want floored by your SLE in process....


Hi Lisa

So sorry to read you have had a heart attack, very frightening!. I agree with Mirren that you need to see your Rheumy and or specialist nurse earlier as your flaring. You need to be back on your lupus meds and your Cardiologist and Rheumy need to get together to work out best treatment for you. They need to know what is happening and you'll feel less worried having told them!. Take Care. X


Hi Lisa, I am concerned about having a heart attack or stroke too! I have faith in God, but realize that regardless of my faith I must do some practical things to ensure maximum health. I am curious what type of medicine did your doctors have you on for SLE? I was prescribed methotrexate, prednisone and folic -acid. Tuesday of this week I discontinued taking prednisone. Though, since being diagnosed, four months ago, with SLE & rheumatoid arthritis, I 've noticed while taking my medicine that the joint pain has been considerably minimized. However, I would notice slight tingling's in my body. I could literally feel my breast swelling, throbbing and tingling. I felt the same sensations within other parts of my body. My chest was feeling tight and back pain was becoming unbearable! Though I workout at least three days out of a week, I then began to notice weight gain! My sense was that I was at a huge risk of having a heart attack or stroke! So I contacted my doctor and asked her to consider putting me on DHEA, a male hormone that reputable medical experts advise is a natural remedy to stabilize lupus, fighting inflammation. I was told by her medical staff that she usually do not use natural remedies.

I go to see her next week and if she denies me the prescription of DHEA, I am going to have to part ways with her. I know if I continue with prednisone it is going to be the end of me. I also am a stickler about using alternative healing methods, especially natural remedies and exercise. My doctor is good, but not excellent. She didn't tell me that because lupus makes a patient susceptible to osteoporosis, that I should be taking vitamin D3 and calcium! My daughter was doing research and told me this, before I did my own research. Our diets should change with this disease also. Low sodium diets is advisable, especially if you are prescribed prednisone. There is so much more that she just failed to inform me of that would make a difference! A Mediterranean type of diet is best for me, though more expensive to maintain.

My advice to anyone who is having medical problems or concerns is to get a diagnosis, get a second opinion, and then proactively do your own research. If you are taking strong cellular depletion medicines then inquire about natural remedies and make sure you know your nutrient levels. Also, if you are taking other prescriptions, do your own research to ensure that there aren't interactive problems. I believe the estradiol (estrogen) I was taking prior to my diagnosis, is not as effective when taking methotrexate. I have to dig around more to ensure this is the actual case though. Exhausting, but must be done to ensure that you are healthy and maintain health. Take care Lisa, and please do your best to do your own research. After all, who cares about you more than you do. Notice how fast those doctors are getting you in and out of their offices! They really only care about the money in the end. Though, I am sure there are still some excellent doctors out here!


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