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Lupus? Or any other suggestions welcome

For years now I have had bouts of unexplained exhaustion. Im tired all the time accompanied but random low grade fevers, night sweats and usually some kind of other varied alment I.E : inflammation of my stomach lining (servere gastritis),

Kidney infections, headaches.

In the last month I have been unable to go to work due to kidney infection, exhaustion, dizziness, brain fog, confusion. On top of shortness of breath & an irregular heart beat.

It's ruining my quality of life. I have had scans, X-rays, full blood counts. Everything has come back normal.

I was wondering if it's maybe Lupus as I am female 30 yrs old, have Raynards syndrome quite bad, have a grandparent with Lupus & multiple family members with autoimmunine diseases.

What do you think?

Im open to any ideas.

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Sounds like you definitely got an autoimmune disease & the thing is with lupus it is very hard to diagnose. I've had illnesses over the years but a lot of results have come back normal. My consultant always says we treat the symptoms & not The results. It's been so annoying on times. I've had unbelievable infections oozing with pus & no bugs have been grown from it . So please don't give up on it all because you know your own body . I understand it can be so frustrating so hang on in there .

All the best to you

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The symptoms you describe could be symptoms of lupus, though they are not necessarily exclusive to that condition. Your family history could suggest that you have some form of autoimmune condition. Have you been tested for lupus? It may be worth discussing this with your GP and asking for an ANA test or a referral to a rheumatologist.


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