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Dismissed by two doctors, could this be Lupus?

Hi :)

Where to start...

I am a 40 year old mom of two who has felt stupidly tired on and off over the last few years. My kids aren't young so it's not sleepless nights. In fact I doze off early evening and when I wake in the morning I feel more tired than when I went to bed.

I also have vitamin D and B12 issues plus raynaud's disease which I have had for several years. I have always had migraines through adult life and was diagnosed with high blood pressure at 18 and high cholesterol at around the age of 30. I have had depression since childhood and had kidney failure aged 2.

I do not have the rash though.

Recently I have visited my doctor with various pains which feel like DVT and was sent to a clinic but there was no clots found.

I feel like a hypochondriac however I have booked to see another doctor after the last two wanted to treat me with anti depressive meds and one told me vitamin d isn't important and I shouldn't have been tested.

Do you think I may be on the right track with Lupus?

Many thanks

T x

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Hi Tricia1974,

Welcome to the community here on HealthUnlocked.

If you think it would be helpful to you, we have an information pack which includes a few booklets on the symptoms and diagnosis of lupus. The pack is available to download via our website here -

Have you had a blood test for lupus?

Best wishes,



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Hi Tricia - I've just had a Lupus anticoagulant test for possible APS. I looked this up afterwards and read symptoms quite like the ones you describe. But then these symptoms can span many things including stress/ anxiety and other autoimmunity.

Vitamin D most certainly is important and so are thyroid bloods, autoantibodies and inflammatory markers. I would try and move the next doctor away from your depression to make sure they aren't missing something important and ask to be referred to a rheumatologist. Try to stand your ground and go in well informed - but not as if you have chosen the disease and are fitting symptoms to match. Many of us do this but if you want to get something from your appointment it's best to try to charm them but not put their back up with too much googling.

I usually explain I've read information on reputable sites such as this and feel instinctively that something is wrong. This has worked well for me so far. Good luck.


Hi Tricia ,

Just saw your post , sorry to hear that you have been having a rough time of it .

I found St Thomas hospital really helpful . If you contact them they will send a load of stuff through the post on lupus . What I found particularly helpful was a breakdown of childhood/teenage illnesses of ten connected with lupus . It helps you to understand your medical history and gives clear indicators . It also helps to join up the dots . Another helpful thing they posted through was a list of contact numbers for other people who have lupus and are willing to chat through any questions you may have .

Often with lupus people experience thyroid problems , it may be worth checking that out with your GP .


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